‘Neil is that very rare combination, an editor and project manager who displays consummate rigour, flawless organisation and a natural ability to communicate with clients in a way that provides guidance and reassurance throughout the life of a project. He is, quite simply, the safest pair of hands you could wish for.’
– Neil Titman, Director of Business Development, Scala Arts & Heritage Publishers Ltd

A recent addition to the Profile freelance pool, Neil has been terrifically helpful. He’s courteous with authors, meticulous with detail and never misses a deadline. A joy to work with.’
– Penny Daniel, Managing Editor, Profile Books

”Neil is a reliable, efficient and thorough editor. He knows where the accents should be placed in the names of obscure football teams and who’s related to whom in Little House on the Prairie – his knowledge of trivia knows no bounds. He’s also pleasant to work with and always delivers on time.’
– Catherine Gough, Managing Editor, Gill Books

‘Neil is reliable and efficient at all levels of the editorial process, from proofreading, to copy-editing and project management. I would thoroughly recommend him.’
– Patrick Taylor, Project Editor, Third Millennium Publishing

‘… a calm, empathetic and ultra-efficient copy-editor.’
– Matthew Engel, author of That’s the Way it Crumbles: The American Conquest of English

‘We could not have published this volume without Neil Burkey as project manager…’
– Averil Cameron, former Warden of Keble College and co-editor of Keble: Past and Present

‘Lastly I’d like to thank Neil Burkey at the publishers, TMI. As the work piled up on his desk, to be collated, checked and rechecked, he managed to remain his usual engaging self. No mean feat, as anyone who has tried it would know.’
– Catrine Clay, editor of SOAS: A Celebration in Many Voices